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BORZA, Paul V.

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Paul is a software engineer born in Transylvania who lives in the United States of America and works for Microsoft.
His interests include cycling, table tennis, speedcubing, dancing, and most recently, chess.

Work Experience and Honors

  1. Microsoft Corporation, Bing Search, Customer Experience AnalyticsSep. 2012 – PresentSenior Software Engineer – Data Mining and User ExperienceBellevue, Washington
  2. Microsoft-internal Bing Hack Days, Mentor, 3rd Place (out of 53)11/2013
  3. Microsoft-internal Bing Innovation Awards, 3rd Place (out of 56)10/2013
  4. Microsoft-internal Bing Hack Days, 2nd Place (out of 65)7/2013
  5. Microsoft-internal Bing Science Fair, Best Business Value Winner (out of 72)5/2013
  6. Microsoft-internal Bing Hack Days, 1st Place (out of 93)11/2012
  7. Seattle Give Camp, Technical Volunteer10/2013Redmond, Washington
  8. Microsoft Corporation, Bing Search, Image and Video SearchJul. 2010 – Sep. 2012Software Engineer 2 – Instrumentation, Metrics, and A/B TestingBellevue, Washington
  9. Microsoft-internal Bing Intern Hack Days, Mentor, 3rd Place7/2012
  10. Microsoft-internal Bing Hack Days, Judge11/2011
  11. Microsoft-internal Bing Hack Days, 1st Place (out of 42)06/2011
  12. Microsoft University Careers, Eastern Europe Recruiting Events02/2011Bucharest and Sofia, Bulgaria
  13. University of Siena, Interaction Design DepartmentApr. / Oct. 2009 and Feb. 2010Workshop Owner – Designing Tangible User InterfacesSiena, Italy
  14. Microsoft Corporation, Bing Search, Image and Video SearchJul. – Sep. 2009Software Engineer Intern (total of 50 international interns) – Data Mining Internet Explorer LogsRedmond, Washington
  15. Jožef Stefan Institute, Center for Knowledge Transfer in Information TechnologiesJul. – Sep. 2008Software Engineer Intern – Audio IndexingLjubljana, Slovenia
  16. Google Summer of Code, Openmoko Inc.Apr. – Sep. 2008Software Engineer (out of 12) – Recognizing Accelerometer-based Gestures
  17. Microsoft Developer Network Author, 4 Articles04/2006 – 12/2007
  18. Microsoft Imagine Cup, Worldwide Finalist in Software Design08/2007Seoul, South Korea
  19. Microsoft Imagine Cup, National Finals 1st Place in Software Design05/2007Timişoara
  20. Microsoft Imagine Cup, Central and Eastern Europe Regional Finalist in Software Design05/2006Maribor, Slovenia
  21. Microsoft Imagine Cup, National Finals 1st Place in Software Design04/2006Cluj-Napoca
  22. Brooktrout Extreme Code Makeover Contest, 1st Place03/2006
  23. Siemens Program and System Engineering, Scholarship11/2005 – 06/2006
  24. Microsoft Imagine Cup, National Finals 3rd Prize in Software Design04/2005Iaşi
  25. Olympiad, National Finalist in Informatics03/2005Galaţi
  26. Unirea National Programming Contest, Participant01/2005Focşani
  27. Olympiad, National Finals Honorable Mention in Informatics04/2004Buzău
  28. Component Source Speech Control Contest, 1st Place06/2003
  29. Olympiad, National Finalist in Informatics04/2003Focşani
  30. Ştefan Odobleja National Programming Contest, 2nd Place04/2003Craiova
  31. Olympiad, County Finals Honorable Mention in Informatics03/2002Aiud
  32. Vasile Goldiş County Contest in Informatics, Participant11/1999Alba Iulia
  33. Ovidiu Hulea County Contest in Mathematics, Participant05/1999Aiud


  1. Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca10/2008 – 07/2010Cluj-NapocaMaster's Degree in Computer Science – Major in Machine LearningRank: 1 (out of 12); GPA: 9.94
  2. Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca10/2005 – 07/2008Cluj-NapocaBachelor's Degree in Computer ScienceRank: 2 (out of 85); GPA: 9.85


6 patents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Technical Skills

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